20 November 2009 (Part 1-In School)

21 Nov

(Allow me to make some corrections for leaving out some of my friends)

This date is the last day I went to school as a Fourth Former with my friends. The post will be quite long so I decided to spilt it into two parts. It’s funny because I don’t really think that it’s the ending of the year, I just feel that there is more to come for us to endure and enjoy. The “Honeymoon Year” is finally over, and let me tell you, it ain’t no Honeymoon Year at all.

Form 4 has many goods and bads. My results are not outstanding like during Form 1, neither it’s not devastating like during Form 2, but to fall in the middle always makes me feel like I can do better. I definitely have more room to improve. I took my camera with PERMISSION, to capture my finest moments with my class 4SA3.

To be honest, 4SA3 was not the “perfect” class I imagined. The back are noisy and boisterous as usual… The both sides are damn hardworking and quiet… The front talks more to each other and to the teachers… Since I’ve posted most of the pictures in Facebook, I still decided to let the non-Facebook users to get an inside on what is in my class… You may see some pictures that are uploaded in Facebook too.

Every morning, when the sun has not risen, I will be standing on this spot to wait for my friend, Shaun JaKens, since we practice carpooling every day to and forth from school. We are protecting the environment, by carpooling. Just wish that more people can emulate from us. XD Anyways, I want to this chance to thank Shaun for his help throughout the year…

Shaun “JaKens” and I share almost the same passion, that is to sing, to write and to watch America’s Next Top Model (obviously). He is very outspoken and dares to make a statement in public, which I admire him for that. I have never been able to be so bold in front of people. He will be representing Malaysia to Singapore for an interact camp, after he was selected from a dozen of hopefuls.

Next, when I reach school, sometimes I will go straight up to my classroom, situated on the 3rd floor, or go to the Communication Broadcast Room for duty. Our main job is to play some music in the morning like the radio, and to make important announcements during school hours. One of the main highlight I like about this job, is to host the assembly. The feeling on stage is overwhelming. (ps: I like the attention too.)


The equipments used for broadcasting. It smells weird in the Broadcast room because it’ used to very stuffy. We cleaned up a bit and it improved just a bit.

This is one of the more active DJ, Wayne Lim (or chien ming) in our Club. He is our Vice President of the club and he loves to talk junk and rubbish through the microphone every single day. You can’t deny, he has some talent to think on his own feet without depending on any scripts. He has a sense of humour but has a terrible voice for singing. He can rap, he can act gay, he can dance( not really), but DO NOT go near him when he is singing. You should be thankful that your spectacles are not broken…

My other friends and colleagues from the club. Zonghan (The talented singer), Chun Kit (The Music Buzz-Ask him anything about entertainment), Marcus (President) and Wooi Keat (Good friend), taken in the Broadcast room. Zonghan always bullies me in class, but at least I got some attention from the back. I met Chun Kit during Form 2 and has been his friend for 2 years already, though in separate classes. I know Marcus in Form 2, but I think he changed for better now in Form 4, which is a good thing. Wooi Keat is one of my good friend from Form 2 onwards, and has been the way now.

When 7:30 in the morning arrives, we will all head back to our respective classes. Since today is the last day, the teachers are not teaching anymore. So we were quite free to do our own things, but not too noisy. Boys will be boys, how can they do something without making noises? Here are some pictures taken with my friends.

Left Picture: I’m posing with Alvin (left) and Edmund (right). Alvin looks so jubilant, wonder who is thinking of? Edmund finally flashes a smile on his face after acting so cool for so long… Both of them are my primary schoolmates and friends for many years… I think we have been friends for 7 years already.

Right Picture: I’m posing with Vincent (left) and Sparrow (right). These two are probably my closest friends in class and we talked a lot. I bug them a lot, I know. Chee Yang “Vincent” is quite sarcastic at times, but don’t underestimate this guy as he can beat you down with his academic results. I know, I’ve been beaten twice. Yi Jian “Sparrow” is a dedicated monitor who fulfills his responsibly well than others. He has a sense of humour and has been courteous and patient throughout the year.


Me posing with Zonghan (top) and Kah Beng (bottom). Zonghan has been quite the chatterbox in the box but with good English. Though he has a naughty side, he is very intelligent in his academic results. Kah Beng, on the other hand, is also palyful but may get a little emotional when he gets up from the wrong side of the bed. The two of them are friendly to me and they will remain in my memories. (sounds cheesy)

Me posing with Sean (eyes closed!), Kevin and Chang Sheng. Sean is one of the playful boys in the class but has remain “clean” due to his Christianity background. I never got a chance to talk to Kevin up close but I know that his English is super good. He does not like to smile… Chang Sheng likes to be goofy around the class with his dirty yet funny jokes. He can be very funny but sometimes, I dread his endless jokes in class.


Me posing with Cheng Chun Keat, Yeap Chun Keat, H’ng Lead Kert and Sky Teh. These are the more talented friends in the class. They are talented in different ways. Both Chun Keat are powerful in Chinese, Lead Kert is strong in his academic results and Sky is very active in Prefect and Cadet Police. I previously team up with both Chun Keat and Lead Kert in our inter-class debate to represent our class.


Me posing with Lloyd and Kooi Jin. It’s very hard to find Lloyd to smile in front of the camera, so I feel privileged to be in the same picture with him smiling. Lloyd is vocal and you can find him in a sea of people with his voice. Don’t think that his petite figure will be timid, for he has a big voice to shout without cracking. Kooi Jin can be a bit hostile if you catch him on the wrong day… A little bit crazy but quite nice to talk to him… He is also my “boss” that checks my secretary job as he is the president of the GERKO team. scary

One of my favourite pictures of the day. Me posing with Kah Beng, Kevin, Chang Sheng, Zonghan and Chun Keat. I swear if I have siblings like them above, I probably will not be here writing this post for y’all because I will DIED in the chaotic house. These guys are fun but I will not join them for too long because all the cheekiness is just CRAZY for me to handle.

Me posing with Khoon Hong, Jien Wei, Bi Jie and Yi Han, the more hardworking and silent predators in my class. They are very clever and Jien Wei has been the top in our class for four consecutive times… Once smart, always smart. Yi Han has probably the nicest, most neat handwriting I ever saw in my class. Both Khoon Hong and Bi Jie are the high authorities of the Librarians.

Me posing with Victor, Khoon Hong and Dominic. Victor is an Michael Jackson fan and is constantly imitating his vocal hiccups and dance moves, which are not necessarily on the note at times. He loves to imitate teachers also. Khoon Hong is the President of the Librarian while Dominic is part of the crazy boys in the class.

Next, friends from my debate team:

Ok, why do you have to go to Beijing, China to visit the Bird Nest Stadium when you can find just one on Chin Chern’s head? The prefect has a determination in everything he does, from studies to debates. He always keeps his hard exterior on the outside which is quite funny during debate. Kai Deng, the best speaker, never fails to be on top of everyone in debate. He definitely has a talent in this area and I hope he will continue to grow in debate. Khai Hean, the cutie panda-eyed, has a sense of humour which I think is cute. He is carefree but sometimes can be a bit serious.

Next, Christian friends of mine:

Desmond, Sean and Melvin. In conclusion, these people are very eager to spread His words around the school. Desmond was my ex-classmate in 3TA5, while Sean is my classmate now in 4SA3, and Melvin has never been in the same class with me before. lol. These people are good Samaritans and I am very happy to meet with them and to learn more each other and about Christianity.

Some more some more:

Me posing with Chee Jui, friend for 7 year plus and still growing. His curly hair is his trademark since young and has always been helpful to everyone. Don’t mess with him, for he is a Taekwondo Red Belt-er. lol

Lead Kert is probably one of my good friend in this class in the beginning of the year and still are (mind you a) because I still don’t know a lot of them. He is very helpful and I bug him a lot too. He never gets angry under tense situation and I really admire him for that. And, being a prefect doesn’t make him so snobby either. He still remains his friendly composure while still able to control the discipline of the school. He sits just behind me and I know him since Form 3.

Me posing with Chang Sheng, the crazy, playful friend in my class.

Me posing with Kah Beng, the emotional and whacky monitor of 4SA3.


Me posing with Dickson, one of the playful guys from the back, and his big buggy eyes as his trademark. He also has a girlfriend of the same age. Love defines everything, huh?


Me posing with Kee Khai, the very good man whom I never been in the same class with him. He always keeps his cool composure as we tease him with somebody. Come to think of that, I feel quite bad for him for teasing him so much. Maybe I should cut down on that, eh?

What will happen when Brandon meets with Brendon? Nothing happens! haha. He is my ex-classmate during Form 1 and he has a louder, bigger voice than me.

Me posing with Jason Ch’ng, a primary schoolmate, who also has a girlfriend of the same age.

Me posing with Cheng Chun Keat, the Chinese pro in our class. (ps: He loves to bully me)

Me posing with Kuanny Goh Chee Tatt with his I-don’t-know-what pose…

Me posing with B-Boy “Ilky” Tan Han Boon, who is also one of the playful boys in the class.

Me posing with Alaric, my primary school mate, who has a brain for everything and a scout too.

Me posing with Zhi Cheng, another ex-classmate of mine during Form 3. At first, I thought he would be one of the snobby prefects but after getting to know him better, he definitely has a soft side and is constantly joking in our class. He is also one of the prefects that doesn’t appear to be arrogant, which is a good thing.

Me posing with my ex-classmates of mine during Form 2, Chee Yong and Eric. Both of them are loud, opinionative but they are also friendly and courteous. Chee Yong is more sarcastic in his way of speaking. He aims to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia, which we will see in the future whether he succeeds of not. Eric had me confused in the first impression. I also thought he would be a haughty prefect and a rich ass guy too. That is why you have to talk to people to learn the real them because you can never judge a book by its cover.

Chao Dun is one of my friends I met during Malay tuition, the famous Lee Choo Hock tuition centre. He always jokes around with everybody, including the tuition teacher.

Well, that’s it, fellow readers for Part 1 of my last day in Chung Ling as a Fourth Former. You can check more of my pictures in Facebook (if you have an account, of course!) or you can wait for the next post to come. I will be posting pictures of me with my teachers and a little review of them. (not criticizing)

Till then, peace out and God bless!


One Response to “20 November 2009 (Part 1-In School)”

  1. dnomsed November 22, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    Well, nice post, and this is sure hard work for you!

    Hmm. Come to think of it, I met you less this year [sigh] — is that why I was just part of Christian friends?

    Haha jk

    No matter what, thanks for whatever.

    Haiz.. why every photo you have the same face… so boring, like a robot…

    Nice oso la. ==

    Happy hols!

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