RedBox : Sing till the Heart Drops

26 Nov

I don’t even know why did I think of this title for this blog post. As you should have guessed rather than asking, I went to Gurney RedBox for karaoke session with my singing buddies. I know these buddies since Form 2 and we bonded since we shared the same passion : SINGING!


From left: Chun Kit, Shaun and Chin Chern. It’s a pity that Wooi Keat can’t come due to some “unforeseen” problems, which we probably knew what the problem was. We specialized in English songs, we know English songs better than Chinese songs. Ok, I am not criticizing that Chinese songs sucks but I think English songs give more versatility for us to choose.

Initially, we planned to be us 5 only, then suddenly came popping out some guests, which I did not expect. I am not a fan of karaoke, just seem so tiring but if I get to go out with my friends, then it’s ok. We started out with some Celine Dion’s songs (which we did not sing on key, duh!) then more towards the soft pop rock which we all liked. We closed it with some Britney and Christina’s songs, which we eventually had fun since the “guests” had left.

I really did enjoy the singing session and I hope there will be another one with only 5 of us, ONLY! I think we had fun, a lot of fun by singing. By the way, all the singing made my stomach so painful as I never sang so many songs in my life… I was quite thirsty too.

Anyways, the most important is I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. Friends Forever!

Till then, peace out and God bless!


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