3 Dec

Another year of Christmas is imminent, to be exact, we will be celebrating in 3 weeks times. Christians do celebrate this occasion to rejoice over the birth of Jesus Christ. It is all about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. Born in Bethlehem, Jesus is believed to take away all our sins and praise God for sending Jesus Christ down to save us.

Since Malaysia is situated just right above the equator, we stand no chance to enjoy an idyllic, snowy environment to celebrate Christmas, while singing to our favourite tunes of Christmas carols. But these stuff can’t deter us from celebrating, we can still turn on our radio and hum or even sing to your Christmas carol.

To be honest, my faith towards Jesus is kinda dry this year. It’s like I never had a chance to feel his presence again… or was it I? I recently attended the annual Lighting of Christmas Tree in Eastern and Oriental Hotel (E & O, for short). It was decked out like a cocktail party, which a few tables are set up to put some tidbits. Usually, a cocktail party attire should be formal, men wear suits, ladies wear gowns. I have to say, the local people, even the Caucasians wore khaki pants, shorts, T-shirt, collar shirt and some even wore a pair of sandals to a 5-star hotel. Clearly there people have no sense as to what they should wear for a party like this.

The lighted Christmas tree in the hotel.

“Christmas isn’t Christmas, until it happens in your heart,” Although I celebrate warm Christmas in sunny Malaysia, that does not mean it is not real Christmas. Christmas will always be in your heart as long as you feel it. You can believe in God, as long as God is in your heart forever. One of my wish is to bring my mother to overseas and to experience a white Christmas, touching the snows and playing with the snows outside. How nice if we can accomplish our dreams. Amen.

Till then, I shall be updating my blog about something really soon. God bless.


One Response to “Christmas…”

  1. dnomsed December 6, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    Hey, don’t say you don’t have a chance to feel God’s presence…

    You know He’s always around us, just that sometimes, he touches us in different ways. God has something for you Brandon 😉

    This Christmas, have an expectant heart! Go attend church services! In the house of God, His presence definitely will be stronger, as a multitude of people are worshiping Him !

    Don’t just say you feel dry..I’m not judging you here OK – just start doing something 😉 Pray everyday, read the Bible, and wonders will occur! I believe!

    I’m praying for you my friend.. I just hear a message saying God is complete; He completes what he starts; He is a completer. He will not leave things hanging. He has started something in you, no? Trust that He will lead you to greater heights! He has shown you that He is no illusion. He has done so much, yet we always doubt. But God is faithful. He’s always there for us…

    I’m thankful. Though sometimes I feel dry, I hold on to that little hope I have…

    And he keeps his promises. All written in the Bible. He promises us life, meaning. Forgiveness of sins. Grace unlimited. Success. So much more…

    God bless u..

    May He truly bless you, this Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

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