Language Controversy

3 Dec

Hmm, this post may contain a little controversy about people, so do forgive me if I happen to cross the line, like I never cross before. I am a person who dares to speak something out. And, don’t you ask me to start licking someone’s butt just to please them, ok?

I stumbled upon a wall post of one of my friends in Facebook. He said, (modified into proper English):

Those who converse in English will discriminate Chinese-speaking people, claiming that these people are of low class. Those who converse in Chinese will assume that English-speaking people are arrogant, haughty, bitchy. For those who speak both of the language, are cowards for not standing up, because what they say will be fired back to themselves.

First of all, I like to comment about this phrase. I think honestly, my friend has met with people who has a similar behaviour, stated in the above quote, but it is simply ridiculous to summarize people of the same group as low class, or bitchy. It is up to one self to have their own discipline to be courteous and friendly. Chinese, speaking English, doesn’t mean that they are betraying their own people.

Let me break down and analyze this quote one by one:

Those who converse in English will discriminate Chinese-speaking people, claiming that these people are of low class.

Since when Chinese-speaking people are of low class? These people have responsibility to gain independence for The Republic of China, contributing to some of the most outstanding achievement in the world? And now, you are saying that these people are low class? In such a way, you are revealing that Chinese is a low-class language? There are beauty in Chinese literatures that we can enjoy. I think, it’s up to one’s taste to choose whether they like to read Chinese literature or English literature. Language cannot define people.

If these people are low class, as you mentioned, that means your conclusion is China is a low class country, since most of the people there speak Chinese. I think it is completely ridiculous and insane for you to say that. Observe the development of the country, for yourself.

Some may say that Chinese people like to spit in public places, this can be curbed by educating them, using their own language. Education is important to everyone living here. By educating people the right way, they should know what is right and what is wrong.

Those who converse in Chinese will assume that English-speaking people are arrogant, haughty, bitchy.

Is this some kind of revenge? Since A is castigating B, so B must fight back. This is all bull crap. Each person has their own language to converse, and those who speak the international language gains more benefit in looking jobs. It does not mean, that the whoever speaks English, that cannot understand Chinese, are haughty. What if it’s the other way round?

I think my friend is generalizing everything into a summary, which is not benefiting two sides. I have friends who speak both good English and Chinese, and even French, but they still remain friendly to all people. If they cannot understand the language, they will try to make an attempt to understand, and not criticizing them.

You can’t always jump the gun in every occasion. Just because you met a few people who acted this way, doesn’t mean that every people will act the exact way…

Till then, peace out and God bless! Comments are welcomed too..


5 Responses to “Language Controversy”

  1. theDevil December 3, 2009 at 9:35 pm #

    For me, Chinese IS the most beautiful language every created by human. And its the reason why I like Chinese, and proud of it as my mother toungue. English is easier to master, fun, and is the international language. Yea, a little discrimination is inevitable, and tat’s why we hav racicism. Westerners look down on the yellow-skinned, while yellow-skinned look down on the black-skinned. Its heartbreaking sometimes, that we’re not one of the Westerners and are looked down upon.
    Well, as I think, China is currently the fastest growing country on Earth, and it may surpass or tie with the U.S someday. As you could see in the movie 2012, it’s the Chinese which is building all the coolest technologies. I think, one day, it’ll come true, and that day is only a few decades away. By that time, English and Chinese will tie up, or chinese may even become the international language (only if China emerge as the most powerful country in the world).
    Talking in English may be cool in front of our friends, cuz its the international language*, but the Chinese must not forget, get intimidated by English ,and abandon their mother toungue or keep follow to the Western cultures.
    I jus hope that the Chinese “bananas” will soon realise that they’re abandoning their mother toungue, the most beautiful language ever.

  2. theDevil December 3, 2009 at 9:38 pm #


  3. dnomsed December 5, 2009 at 4:08 pm #


    I haven’t been visiting blogs and writing blogs for a long time…

    I think it’s not your post which is controversial but the phrase you quoted from your friend..

    I quite agree with what you wrote..

    God bless you too.

  4. theDevil December 7, 2009 at 8:48 pm #

    God bless u, Desmond.

  5. was nivlem December 8, 2009 at 8:55 am #

    Honestly..I think both are equally important, and we need to use both languages, especially in I guess there’s no need to look down of either one of them.. =)

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