Rest In Peace, my Friends

18 Jan

Today, Chung Ling students, friends, relatives, family members, seniors, junior, teachers who have known Jason Ch’ng Wai Seong, Brendon Yeoh Yuen Khye, Goh Yi Zhang, and Mr Chin Aik Siang, shed their tears. I never experienced the death of any friends, and to first receive the news was shocking and doubtful at the same time.

Jason Ch’ng on the left, while Brendon Yeoh on the right…

It’s crazy… One moment you are talking to them, laughing and chatting away all those jokes, then the next day, you received the devastating news of the demise of your friends. We tend to not appreciate our friends while they are in our presence, but the moment we lost them, then we realized how we neglected our friends…

For those who don’t know, Jason Brendon and Yi Zhang were involved in the dragon boat accident which took their dear lives, and to be with the Lord. I feel that they are so young to just leave… I feel that they have so much to do… I feel that they have a bright future to walk towards, but it ended miserably.

It’s weird… To flip through the newspaper, seeing other victims that are not related, you don’t give a damn about them, or maybe you just pray a little prayer in your heart that they will be blessed. But this time, when I look at the newspaper, to see how Brendon’s mum cried, desperately asking his son to come back… that scene, was heartbreaking… To see how parents nurture us to become a filial son, are we not doing our duty by just leaving them?

Hearing Jason’s departure, I swore I wouldn’t want to hear anymore bad news… but God, you played me around… Instead, I heard two more devastating news, I’ve lost 3 of my friends… Though they may not be as close as some… but once a friend, will always remain as a friend…

I remember Jason, once a playful boy in primary school who caused a lot of trouble… but he was a smart boy, who excelled both in academic performance and co-curriculum activities. He loves to tease me during Form 4… He likes to fool around…

Brendon… Most of the teachers always get confused with both of us…We had the different spelling, but the pronunciation is exactly the same… He loved to tease me and sometimes I do get frustrated. But now, I wish he could come back and tease me how many times he want to…


I really don’t want to attend their memorial service but it is a respect I must show…I hate seeing their lifeless and restless face, separated by a piece of wood, it makes me feel so bad…

Rest in Peace, my friends… You will be with the Lord and you will live your life as you wish!


6 Responses to “Rest In Peace, my Friends”

  1. Alaric January 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    i can’t believe tat u left out zi jun..

  2. hongyi January 19, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    hi brandon,

    i read the news today and stumbled upon ur blog through google. althought i never knew any of them, reading the news and seeing the photos of devastated families made me tear, and i can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be for you all. when i was in high school (im in uni now), i lost 2 friends as well. we weren’t close, but it was a huge shock and a tragedy to see them depart at such a young age.

    I pray that God will protect their families, that He will bring peace and comfort to you and your friends who are mourning…

  3. dnomsed January 19, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    It just feels like.. this is not happenning…
    Yet it is.

    sigh. Though I’m not close to all these people.. but I’m sad for them… So verily talented people, gone so young, in an accident. Worst still, I don’t think they were prepared for this… Neither were their families…

    Comfort, come upon their families..

    It’s life – the truth… That people that are gone can never return… How are the deceased now? We cannot know… And we cannot save them either.

    sigh again. Will they really be with the Lord? I ask for God’s mercy upon them. Yet, deeds done are done. It’s just pains me that they have not known Jesus in their heart… How will their judgment be? …

    We cannot do anything for them now.. it’s too late…

    But let us be strong. We’ve still got other friends that are in the dark! What if they die today? What if WE die today?! I’m not prepared…

    [xD I’m posting long here…]

    God bless you. May this, be a reminder, a warning to us! We don’t have much time left!

  4. Brandon January 19, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    To Alaric, the news about Zi Jun was not confirmed at the time I was writing this post

  5. rehan January 21, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    hi brandon,
    google brought me here. i lost a friend over a year ago. we were high school classmates, and used to be closed enough to share secrets together. she passed on my convocation day. while i was recieving my degree, she was lost at sea in pantai pengakap, penang (i’m not sure where). it took the searching team two days to finally found her. and i still miss her until now.

    it’s hard to accept death of a friend, especially a shocking one like drowning. one death is hard enough for me, but you have to deal with more. be strong. i hope you manage well.

  6. han January 22, 2010 at 6:30 pm #

    Time and again we are reminded that life at best is so brief. Brendon, Jason and all those who perished in the accident actually caused me to grieve, although I’ve never seen them in person nor have I communicated with them in any way. When I ran through Brendon’s facebook pictures, when he was an infant, when he graduated from kindergarten, when he had his eighth birthday, when he became a teenager, with all his friends, and… just so suddenly he’s snuffed out.
    Although I’m a practising physician, I must admit I find it very hard to come to terms with such happenings. My patients may die of lung cancer, heart failure or other chronic diseases, and these are easier to rationalize somehow. But these young lads…dear God, we praise You for your mercy and grace, and do understand that for whatever that happens, You have a reason for it. We pray that the bereaved families would emerge strong, and be able to find the way, the truth and the Life (life eternal that is).

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