What’s the most dreadful word?

15 Jul

Hey, people! Yours truly is back with a brand new post…. and his attempt to revive his oh-so-dead blog….

Crap, I guess God has been hinting to constantly update my blog but I couldn’t allocate any time, so I think He decided to drop the bomb on me today…

No no,,,, not the “f” bomb, mind you…

It’s the message from 15888… What’s that you say?  Before I reveal to you, let me be a little long-winded with the whole dreaful process…

As you know, I am the Fifth Former, currently studying in Chung Ling High School, and being one of them means that I would have a 50/50 chance to get selected into National Service or PLKNm as they say…

What’s National Service? It’s a very good place for us to train physically and to truly understand the meaning of “1Malaysia”  with 3 different main races, all joined into one centre to have fun….

Did I type as if I enjoy the whole process?

Well, being nervous I was, I immediately sent a message to 1588, to check whether I’ve been seleceted for this camp…. Well turns out…


I seriously thought I could faint at that moment… Whatsoever… I waited for 45 minutes just to get this message sent back to me…. Gosh, this should be the only time that I wished that people could say “MINTA MAAF” to me…

Not to mock anyone or anything… but I guess that being a more artistic person (selling yourself, Brandon?), I don’t think I really fit into this whole physical process…. I’m started to have nightmares and all those concepts about how dreadful this camp could turn out… And and… the food? I’m concerned about the food… What if they give me so little to eat that I ended up crying in bed… Maybe this should be the time that “Glee” plays the role…. I can sing freely with background music coming out from nowhere…

Hah… fine… enough of me venting out my anger…. I think I should really accept what has been given to me, and to just face it…. No matter how long I want to delay this process, it can still haunt me…. argh…..


One Response to “What’s the most dreadful word?”

  1. dnomsed July 15, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    Hey Brandon, TAHNIAH for reviving the blog xD

    Well, I never really thought of NS as a bad and eerie experience…
    But come to think of it, it might be a little hard if we have been under the shelter of parents for so long. It would be a total shock for those who never go to camps before!

    Stay strong! It wouldn’t be hard if we take a brighter side to it… and lean on God =)

    Oh well, before you call me holy or whatever… “Sorry to hear that” and”Congratulations!” at the same time! =.=

    All the best in studies 😉

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