4 Feb


I just realized that I haven’t update my blog for a long time… woots… The picture above is taken from Chien Ming, and he is an aspiring amateur photographer, but is currently improving his skills. I am always his model whenever he brings his baby to school…

It’s going to be a total random-ness in the post…

First of all, thanks to Lee Choo Hock, most of my female friends are addressing me as Shannon Yeoh! Great job, Mr Lee. So he was actually calling Chanel to answer his question but he saw me who knew the answer, so he called Sha-ndon… then it became SHANNON! T.T But hey, the good thing is, I am talking to more female friends in MSN now… all because of Shannon… wakakakax…

I’m so afraid of SPM… T.T Don’t know how will I do. I want to do my best, but I am not sure if I can manage to stay on top for long…

I will probably blog more if there is anything interesting, but in the mean time, do study hard, my friends… 🙂

God bless!


Brendon, You Will Be Remembered

22 Jan


My first and last personal picture with Brendon Yeoh Yuen Khye.

Looking at the picture on the left, my original caption in my blog was "What happens when Brandon and Brendon meet? Nothing!" and it really made me feel regretful for putting this caption.

Most of us are getting more numb, we are learning to face the truth and reality, although we really hope that all of these won’t happened at all.

We attended Brendon’s funeral today in the morning, and it was crowded with students, as we expected. We first took the last glimpse of Brendon before the monks perform the ritual. It was the third day that Brendon’s body had been placed there, so I think most of us couldn’t recognize his face, as his face was deformed. I wish not to describe it as a respect. I wanted to cry but no tears came down. I think I was getting numb of all of these, not that I’m aloof, but the reality has sunk into me. Brendon can’t be with us anymore…

After the ritual, we as his friends came out clubs by clubs to pay respect and bow three times in front of his coffin. When the announcer announced "Debate Club" I stepped forward together with Wooi Keat, Chin Chern, Eric Tan, Kai Deng, Khai Hean, Miss Lim and Wei Huai. We gave our final testimonial to Brendon before bowing. Wooi Keat got really emotional when he shared, with the rest were holding back a lot. I promise my friend that I will stay strong, I will not cry in front of Brendon anymore.

When it was my turn to share, I said, "Brendon, I miss the days when there were two Bra/endon’s to create confusion among friends and teachers. We will always miss you." I teared up a little, but I couraged up myself. Brendon certainly did not want us to weep sadly anymore. We, the Debate Club members, told Brendon that he was an awesome debater who did not need any script to perform, which was commendable.

More clubs came to respect him and soon it was time for us to send Brendon for the last time. We walked for quite a long journey, and my skin got reddish, but I think it was worth it, to send my friend for the last time.
I could not afford to walk the whole journey, so we took the bus straight to Batu Gantung Cremotorium, and we were just in time before Brendon’s coffin being pushed into the machinery. Cameras flashed a lot. *clicks 100 times*.

Sorrow is a fruit; God does not allow it to grow on a branch that is too weak to bear it. There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm

WE, as a human being, cannot escape death. It’s just a matter of time when your destiny ends, to be with the Lord. I pray that all the victims can live happily above. Since Jason and Brendon are the members of the Apoms, they should be happy up there. In fact, all of them should be living happily.

God bless, everybody!

Rest In Peace, my Friends

18 Jan

Today, Chung Ling students, friends, relatives, family members, seniors, junior, teachers who have known Jason Ch’ng Wai Seong, Brendon Yeoh Yuen Khye, Goh Yi Zhang, and Mr Chin Aik Siang, shed their tears. I never experienced the death of any friends, and to first receive the news was shocking and doubtful at the same time.

Jason Ch’ng on the left, while Brendon Yeoh on the right…

It’s crazy… One moment you are talking to them, laughing and chatting away all those jokes, then the next day, you received the devastating news of the demise of your friends. We tend to not appreciate our friends while they are in our presence, but the moment we lost them, then we realized how we neglected our friends…

For those who don’t know, Jason Brendon and Yi Zhang were involved in the dragon boat accident which took their dear lives, and to be with the Lord. I feel that they are so young to just leave… I feel that they have so much to do… I feel that they have a bright future to walk towards, but it ended miserably.

It’s weird… To flip through the newspaper, seeing other victims that are not related, you don’t give a damn about them, or maybe you just pray a little prayer in your heart that they will be blessed. But this time, when I look at the newspaper, to see how Brendon’s mum cried, desperately asking his son to come back… that scene, was heartbreaking… To see how parents nurture us to become a filial son, are we not doing our duty by just leaving them?

Hearing Jason’s departure, I swore I wouldn’t want to hear anymore bad news… but God, you played me around… Instead, I heard two more devastating news, I’ve lost 3 of my friends… Though they may not be as close as some… but once a friend, will always remain as a friend…

I remember Jason, once a playful boy in primary school who caused a lot of trouble… but he was a smart boy, who excelled both in academic performance and co-curriculum activities. He loves to tease me during Form 4… He likes to fool around…

Brendon… Most of the teachers always get confused with both of us…We had the different spelling, but the pronunciation is exactly the same… He loved to tease me and sometimes I do get frustrated. But now, I wish he could come back and tease me how many times he want to…


I really don’t want to attend their memorial service but it is a respect I must show…I hate seeing their lifeless and restless face, separated by a piece of wood, it makes me feel so bad…

Rest in Peace, my friends… You will be with the Lord and you will live your life as you wish!

Christmas Greetings!

25 Dec


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and to all of your family, fellow readers!

I’ve just received the letter from school about my school results. Ok, I’ve checked the Internet before then, I even check it every 1 hour just to check my overall position and to which class I was going to be in Form 5. I will be studying in 5SA2. Hopefully the teachers are experienced to teach me since it’s the last year and for preparation for the infamous SPM.

Speaking about SPM, I’m so stressed just to even think about it. I always wonder how will I perform during the exam which will be imminent in 11 months’ time. All the revision, all the homework, like it’s starting to build on me even early on this year 2010.

This year has been a crazy year for me. I was so depressed at many times, but I just have to call out to the Lord, even within a short, small prayer, I just pray that He can give me His strength onto me that with His guidance, I can still  walk through this year.

What I’m nervous about next year, is the teacher mainly. I don’t want to get the useless ones, or the senior teachers who takes everything for granted. SPM is quite important because it can determine your future. Most jobs requires you to have a legal distinction in SPM…

Let us do a recap on my 2009 life:-

One of the most memorable competition I entered was Debate. Here are a few links that are about Debate:-

Road To Finals

Road To Victory

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 1)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 2)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 3)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 4)

Opinions about Debate

Debate Celebration

Personally, I think that debate has really bring out the competitive side in everyone on stage. Through I share little passion towards debate, I still think that entering this competition gives me an experience and memory that I will not forget with my friends. Debate may not be what I like the most, but at least it has given me something that money can’t buy. 🙂

2010 will be a very busy year for Fifth Formers, because we have to prepare for SPM and also the school exams.  I also got to handle my School Communication Group for half of the year before passing the baton the next batch of hopefuls. I also got to record the graduation song which eventually everyone will have a copy of the CD. I hope I have that chance to record the CD…

I have met quite a lot of friends this year, and continue with the relationship of some “old “ friends.

Also, I have to control myself from using the computer too long… I don’t want to hook up with this addicting mechanism.

Christmas is like Jesus’ birthday, who was born in Bethlehem.  Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Before I sign off, I would like to wish everyone of us a merry Christmas once more!

God bless, peace out!

Language Controversy

3 Dec

Hmm, this post may contain a little controversy about people, so do forgive me if I happen to cross the line, like I never cross before. I am a person who dares to speak something out. And, don’t you ask me to start licking someone’s butt just to please them, ok?

I stumbled upon a wall post of one of my friends in Facebook. He said, (modified into proper English):

Those who converse in English will discriminate Chinese-speaking people, claiming that these people are of low class. Those who converse in Chinese will assume that English-speaking people are arrogant, haughty, bitchy. For those who speak both of the language, are cowards for not standing up, because what they say will be fired back to themselves.

First of all, I like to comment about this phrase. I think honestly, my friend has met with people who has a similar behaviour, stated in the above quote, but it is simply ridiculous to summarize people of the same group as low class, or bitchy. It is up to one self to have their own discipline to be courteous and friendly. Chinese, speaking English, doesn’t mean that they are betraying their own people.

Let me break down and analyze this quote one by one:

Those who converse in English will discriminate Chinese-speaking people, claiming that these people are of low class.

Since when Chinese-speaking people are of low class? These people have responsibility to gain independence for The Republic of China, contributing to some of the most outstanding achievement in the world? And now, you are saying that these people are low class? In such a way, you are revealing that Chinese is a low-class language? There are beauty in Chinese literatures that we can enjoy. I think, it’s up to one’s taste to choose whether they like to read Chinese literature or English literature. Language cannot define people.

If these people are low class, as you mentioned, that means your conclusion is China is a low class country, since most of the people there speak Chinese. I think it is completely ridiculous and insane for you to say that. Observe the development of the country, for yourself.

Some may say that Chinese people like to spit in public places, this can be curbed by educating them, using their own language. Education is important to everyone living here. By educating people the right way, they should know what is right and what is wrong.

Those who converse in Chinese will assume that English-speaking people are arrogant, haughty, bitchy.

Is this some kind of revenge? Since A is castigating B, so B must fight back. This is all bull crap. Each person has their own language to converse, and those who speak the international language gains more benefit in looking jobs. It does not mean, that the whoever speaks English, that cannot understand Chinese, are haughty. What if it’s the other way round?

I think my friend is generalizing everything into a summary, which is not benefiting two sides. I have friends who speak both good English and Chinese, and even French, but they still remain friendly to all people. If they cannot understand the language, they will try to make an attempt to understand, and not criticizing them.

You can’t always jump the gun in every occasion. Just because you met a few people who acted this way, doesn’t mean that every people will act the exact way…

Till then, peace out and God bless! Comments are welcomed too..


3 Dec

Another year of Christmas is imminent, to be exact, we will be celebrating in 3 weeks times. Christians do celebrate this occasion to rejoice over the birth of Jesus Christ. It is all about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. Born in Bethlehem, Jesus is believed to take away all our sins and praise God for sending Jesus Christ down to save us.

Since Malaysia is situated just right above the equator, we stand no chance to enjoy an idyllic, snowy environment to celebrate Christmas, while singing to our favourite tunes of Christmas carols. But these stuff can’t deter us from celebrating, we can still turn on our radio and hum or even sing to your Christmas carol.

To be honest, my faith towards Jesus is kinda dry this year. It’s like I never had a chance to feel his presence again… or was it I? I recently attended the annual Lighting of Christmas Tree in Eastern and Oriental Hotel (E & O, for short). It was decked out like a cocktail party, which a few tables are set up to put some tidbits. Usually, a cocktail party attire should be formal, men wear suits, ladies wear gowns. I have to say, the local people, even the Caucasians wore khaki pants, shorts, T-shirt, collar shirt and some even wore a pair of sandals to a 5-star hotel. Clearly there people have no sense as to what they should wear for a party like this.

The lighted Christmas tree in the hotel.

“Christmas isn’t Christmas, until it happens in your heart,” Although I celebrate warm Christmas in sunny Malaysia, that does not mean it is not real Christmas. Christmas will always be in your heart as long as you feel it. You can believe in God, as long as God is in your heart forever. One of my wish is to bring my mother to overseas and to experience a white Christmas, touching the snows and playing with the snows outside. How nice if we can accomplish our dreams. Amen.

Till then, I shall be updating my blog about something really soon. God bless.

RedBox : Sing till the Heart Drops

26 Nov

I don’t even know why did I think of this title for this blog post. As you should have guessed rather than asking, I went to Gurney RedBox for karaoke session with my singing buddies. I know these buddies since Form 2 and we bonded since we shared the same passion : SINGING!


From left: Chun Kit, Shaun and Chin Chern. It’s a pity that Wooi Keat can’t come due to some “unforeseen” problems, which we probably knew what the problem was. We specialized in English songs, we know English songs better than Chinese songs. Ok, I am not criticizing that Chinese songs sucks but I think English songs give more versatility for us to choose.

Initially, we planned to be us 5 only, then suddenly came popping out some guests, which I did not expect. I am not a fan of karaoke, just seem so tiring but if I get to go out with my friends, then it’s ok. We started out with some Celine Dion’s songs (which we did not sing on key, duh!) then more towards the soft pop rock which we all liked. We closed it with some Britney and Christina’s songs, which we eventually had fun since the “guests” had left.

I really did enjoy the singing session and I hope there will be another one with only 5 of us, ONLY! I think we had fun, a lot of fun by singing. By the way, all the singing made my stomach so painful as I never sang so many songs in my life… I was quite thirsty too.

Anyways, the most important is I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. Friends Forever!

Till then, peace out and God bless!