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Gurney Outing

19 Feb

Finally I am out of the house… This year’s Chinese New Year is so scorching hot that I need to switch on my air-conditioner every single night. I can’t stand the heat and I certainly don’t work well under extreme heat. I’m out with the usual gang, plus some additional guests.

Let me list out: Shaun, Jayden, Chin Chern, Sparrow, Autumn, Chee Yang, Edmund, Jeremy, Sky and Yan Kai. Did I miss out anyone? Hopefully I did not…

We are vaining in the car… and obviously I’m still not convinced that I look younger with spectacles… blek >.<

First of all… no one is feeling the New Year mood, as I am practically the only one who was wearing red… Where’s the spirit, you guys? We went to Gurney to have a little reunion with our ex-Geograrphy teacher, Miss Yeap Yee Pei. She is a very caring teacher, who carries a sense of humour in the class. Too bad she got transferred to Terranganu… T.T

You probably have seen her before, because I shot with her during a debate competition in Batu Pahat.. 🙂

We had lunch at Swensen… and guess what? I left early to head to Sake Sushi to have a little chit chat with two of my good friends or shall I say couples?

Mr and Mrs Orange! lol…

The girl on the left is Lee May and the one on the right is Zhi Cheng… They are really sweet and the way they mingle with each other during lunch was quite fun to watch. Hey, this is my first time being a lamp post but since they don’t mind, so I might as well sit with them to talk.

This picture with Lee May is probably the first time I’m taking this shot with a girl. No jokes. I never got so close to a girl before to take pictures, because I think I’m shy… T.T lame… Don’t you think they are so caring and loving with each other, huh?

SURPRISE, LEE MAY! I saved the picture you shared with me… wakakax


CUTE! Don’t kill your brother, Lee May. 😀

We watched “Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief” and I got to say that being a slight fan of Greek mythology actually pays off when you watch this movie. Though the plot is a bit predictable, but I got to say that it’s still a good movie to watch, worthwhile. I thought the lead male actor looked like Zac Efron and the lead female actor look Selena Gomez…

Anyways, thanks guys so much for making this Gurney outing so fun to be… 🙂 Love you all!

God bless and peace out.