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When the holidays are over…

22 Feb

This means that the exams are imminent for schooling children! I guess many of you are claiming that you have no study for the upcoming test, but BOOMZ, when the results are out, many of your results are outstanding and eye-opening!

This will probably be the last post of my blog until the tests are over! And hopefully (fingers crossed!) that I can not be tempted by the power of this computer, to make me online for the whole day until I cannot study! Ok, we all need to study right? I’m just being honest to tell you that everybody is studying ok?

Peace out, people! And remember, good luck!


Exam Marathon

23 Jun

Gosh, everybody seems to be working so hard after the miserable test. I tried to maintain my excellent result last test, but I found myself to be not improving… I hate myself for not pushing the best I can. I really don’t want to  disappoint people, especially the closed one.

I am very intimidated by people who are genius, and there a whole lot of students that really frightened me with that insane results. I am not confident at myself all the time, and the outcome of this exam really spank me hard on the face again.

The one subject that I was really really disappointed of was my English. I had a panic attack and was close to tears when I received my essay paper. Out of 35, I only got 27. I was literally shocked as some of those whose English wasn’t really good, scored higher than me… I may felt that I got a little too cocky, but it was a wake up call indeed. I had a little disadvantage because I don’t use many beautiful phrases in my essay. I got so furious that 2 students got 32 out of 35. THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY MARK, DAMN IT!

I did improve though, but it was not enough to compensate the deteriorating average mark of mine. One was really happy was my Chemistry. I love this subject so much, that I put in more effort in studying it, and it really paid off with a whooping 90 mark. It may not be the highest in the class, but I was pleased with myself.

I really don’t want to talk about my results, had an emotional shutdown these few days. I cried a lot… The exam papers were indeed hard for me this time around. Now, I am not at the top of the pack again… Ugh! Freaking confused and lost…