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When the holidays are over…

22 Feb

This means that the exams are imminent for schooling children! I guess many of you are claiming that you have no study for the upcoming test, but BOOMZ, when the results are out, many of your results are outstanding and eye-opening!

This will probably be the last post of my blog until the tests are over! And hopefully (fingers crossed!) that I can not be tempted by the power of this computer, to make me online for the whole day until I cannot study! Ok, we all need to study right? I’m just being honest to tell you that everybody is studying ok?

Peace out, people! And remember, good luck!



21 Feb

This is my second song played on the piano. I actually compile all my written song into albums, but of course it’s not going to be released like the real ones in the market. I don’t play the songs with any scores, I just have the melody in my mind, so the more i practice, the more I’m familiar with my own song.

I composed this song when I was hurt by one of my friends. You know, I trusted him as my good friend, but the favour I got in return was very disappointing. Grow an extra eye to help judge what kind of friends you are hanging out with.

Hope you guys enjoy this song. 🙂

Gurney Outing

19 Feb

Finally I am out of the house… This year’s Chinese New Year is so scorching hot that I need to switch on my air-conditioner every single night. I can’t stand the heat and I certainly don’t work well under extreme heat. I’m out with the usual gang, plus some additional guests.

Let me list out: Shaun, Jayden, Chin Chern, Sparrow, Autumn, Chee Yang, Edmund, Jeremy, Sky and Yan Kai. Did I miss out anyone? Hopefully I did not…

We are vaining in the car… and obviously I’m still not convinced that I look younger with spectacles… blek >.<

First of all… no one is feeling the New Year mood, as I am practically the only one who was wearing red… Where’s the spirit, you guys? We went to Gurney to have a little reunion with our ex-Geograrphy teacher, Miss Yeap Yee Pei. She is a very caring teacher, who carries a sense of humour in the class. Too bad she got transferred to Terranganu… T.T

You probably have seen her before, because I shot with her during a debate competition in Batu Pahat.. 🙂

We had lunch at Swensen… and guess what? I left early to head to Sake Sushi to have a little chit chat with two of my good friends or shall I say couples?

Mr and Mrs Orange! lol…

The girl on the left is Lee May and the one on the right is Zhi Cheng… They are really sweet and the way they mingle with each other during lunch was quite fun to watch. Hey, this is my first time being a lamp post but since they don’t mind, so I might as well sit with them to talk.

This picture with Lee May is probably the first time I’m taking this shot with a girl. No jokes. I never got so close to a girl before to take pictures, because I think I’m shy… T.T lame… Don’t you think they are so caring and loving with each other, huh?

SURPRISE, LEE MAY! I saved the picture you shared with me… wakakax


CUTE! Don’t kill your brother, Lee May. 😀

We watched “Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief” and I got to say that being a slight fan of Greek mythology actually pays off when you watch this movie. Though the plot is a bit predictable, but I got to say that it’s still a good movie to watch, worthwhile. I thought the lead male actor looked like Zac Efron and the lead female actor look Selena Gomez…

Anyways, thanks guys so much for making this Gurney outing so fun to be… 🙂 Love you all!

God bless and peace out.

A Month after the Tragedy

15 Feb


I guess there is no remedy or medicine for our pain to be subsided even if they say “Time is our best medicine”, we as Chung Ling students will not be able to erase the painful memory of our friends who have been with the Lord on 17 January 2010. I’m not here to put my finger on which party should be responsible in this tragedy. The parents of the victims chose to let this tragedy be left behind, leaving only their memories with the victims, why we (the outsiders) should be pinpointing on who is to be responsible?

I remember that I first heard the news through Facebook, and I thought it was a prank at first because I know that fellow Chung Ling students are strong, physically, mentally, so I assume that people are just spreading out rumours. But then I got a message from one of my friends and he told me that one of my friends Jason Ch’ng, has been found, dead. I was lost of words and tears started to come out, so I started to refresh my Facebook every 30 minutes to receive any latest updates.

The undercurrent has mercilessly sucked the eighteen fragile lives into the frigid waters of Macellum Street. Who would ever imagine that such tragedy would happen? Till then, 2 bodies were found and those bodies were the only ones who wore the life jackets. Ironically speaking, the life jackets which resembles life, has been the cause of their death.

I was unable to be at the scene due to transport problem, but I made contact with people from the scene. Of course I turned on the TV for news too but to no avail. The four who are missing were still nowhere to be found, and the rescue team had to be resume their operation next thing in the morning.

It was an emotional struggle for both of their families and their friends. For once, Chung Ling was quiet when I Reached school on Monday. No one talked, no one discussed about anything. Everyone was wondering the same thing? Can anyone live to tell the tale? We were hoping for some great news, but all in return, we learned that the 4 who were missing were all found. Cold, Lifeless, Frigid, Numb….

In just one day, we have lost the lives of one teacher and five of our beloved friends. Some may not know them, but I believe the entire school are experience an emotional torn in them. No one was in the mood for anything, even the teachers had tears in their eyes. Who would ever thought that we would be experiencing death of friends at our last year in school. Those victims had their graduation pictures, had dreams that they want to be successful, had promises to their parents but in the end, we were all greeted by their lifeless faces, lying down on their wooden bed, segregated by a piece of glass.

Never will we hear their voices, never will we hear them calling us, never will we have the chance to work with them, never will we have an outing together with them, but most of all the MEMORIES we have with them will be forever etched in our minds.

Have you ever blame God for taking the lives of 6 people who have talents, leadership, cheekiness, humour, determination and many other criteria that make a better person? Perhaps if we stop and think for a while, maybe God is seeing that we are ignoring our friends day by day, so maybe He should do something to give us a warning. But why 6?

Yes we may have cried, those tears are gone… But it doesn’t mean that it ends here. We still love them, right? We can still move on and be strong even if they are beside us. Remember, they are somewhere up there blessing us, and laughing at us probably.

This is a caricature drawn by my friend, Chin Chern. Brendon is the second boy from left, and he had talent in debating, probably more than me, and he is indeed a diamond in the rough. He was planned to be representing our school for the debate competition, but I guess he could not make it… Well, we will win the competition for you, Brendon! Don’t worry!

No words can describe our pain… I will probably upload a video on a song I wrote for them “They Will Be Loved” once I get the chords right… And yes, they will be loved and remembered, rest assured.

God bless, my fellow readers!


4 Feb


I just realized that I haven’t update my blog for a long time… woots… The picture above is taken from Chien Ming, and he is an aspiring amateur photographer, but is currently improving his skills. I am always his model whenever he brings his baby to school…

It’s going to be a total random-ness in the post…

First of all, thanks to Lee Choo Hock, most of my female friends are addressing me as Shannon Yeoh! Great job, Mr Lee. So he was actually calling Chanel to answer his question but he saw me who knew the answer, so he called Sha-ndon… then it became SHANNON! T.T But hey, the good thing is, I am talking to more female friends in MSN now… all because of Shannon… wakakakax…

I’m so afraid of SPM… T.T Don’t know how will I do. I want to do my best, but I am not sure if I can manage to stay on top for long…

I will probably blog more if there is anything interesting, but in the mean time, do study hard, my friends… 🙂

God bless!

Rest In Peace, my Friends

18 Jan

Today, Chung Ling students, friends, relatives, family members, seniors, junior, teachers who have known Jason Ch’ng Wai Seong, Brendon Yeoh Yuen Khye, Goh Yi Zhang, and Mr Chin Aik Siang, shed their tears. I never experienced the death of any friends, and to first receive the news was shocking and doubtful at the same time.

Jason Ch’ng on the left, while Brendon Yeoh on the right…

It’s crazy… One moment you are talking to them, laughing and chatting away all those jokes, then the next day, you received the devastating news of the demise of your friends. We tend to not appreciate our friends while they are in our presence, but the moment we lost them, then we realized how we neglected our friends…

For those who don’t know, Jason Brendon and Yi Zhang were involved in the dragon boat accident which took their dear lives, and to be with the Lord. I feel that they are so young to just leave… I feel that they have so much to do… I feel that they have a bright future to walk towards, but it ended miserably.

It’s weird… To flip through the newspaper, seeing other victims that are not related, you don’t give a damn about them, or maybe you just pray a little prayer in your heart that they will be blessed. But this time, when I look at the newspaper, to see how Brendon’s mum cried, desperately asking his son to come back… that scene, was heartbreaking… To see how parents nurture us to become a filial son, are we not doing our duty by just leaving them?

Hearing Jason’s departure, I swore I wouldn’t want to hear anymore bad news… but God, you played me around… Instead, I heard two more devastating news, I’ve lost 3 of my friends… Though they may not be as close as some… but once a friend, will always remain as a friend…

I remember Jason, once a playful boy in primary school who caused a lot of trouble… but he was a smart boy, who excelled both in academic performance and co-curriculum activities. He loves to tease me during Form 4… He likes to fool around…

Brendon… Most of the teachers always get confused with both of us…We had the different spelling, but the pronunciation is exactly the same… He loved to tease me and sometimes I do get frustrated. But now, I wish he could come back and tease me how many times he want to…


I really don’t want to attend their memorial service but it is a respect I must show…I hate seeing their lifeless and restless face, separated by a piece of wood, it makes me feel so bad…

Rest in Peace, my friends… You will be with the Lord and you will live your life as you wish!

Christmas Greetings!

25 Dec


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and to all of your family, fellow readers!

I’ve just received the letter from school about my school results. Ok, I’ve checked the Internet before then, I even check it every 1 hour just to check my overall position and to which class I was going to be in Form 5. I will be studying in 5SA2. Hopefully the teachers are experienced to teach me since it’s the last year and for preparation for the infamous SPM.

Speaking about SPM, I’m so stressed just to even think about it. I always wonder how will I perform during the exam which will be imminent in 11 months’ time. All the revision, all the homework, like it’s starting to build on me even early on this year 2010.

This year has been a crazy year for me. I was so depressed at many times, but I just have to call out to the Lord, even within a short, small prayer, I just pray that He can give me His strength onto me that with His guidance, I can still  walk through this year.

What I’m nervous about next year, is the teacher mainly. I don’t want to get the useless ones, or the senior teachers who takes everything for granted. SPM is quite important because it can determine your future. Most jobs requires you to have a legal distinction in SPM…

Let us do a recap on my 2009 life:-

One of the most memorable competition I entered was Debate. Here are a few links that are about Debate:-

Road To Finals

Road To Victory

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 1)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 2)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 3)

Batu Pahat Debate Competition (Part 4)

Opinions about Debate

Debate Celebration

Personally, I think that debate has really bring out the competitive side in everyone on stage. Through I share little passion towards debate, I still think that entering this competition gives me an experience and memory that I will not forget with my friends. Debate may not be what I like the most, but at least it has given me something that money can’t buy. 🙂

2010 will be a very busy year for Fifth Formers, because we have to prepare for SPM and also the school exams.  I also got to handle my School Communication Group for half of the year before passing the baton the next batch of hopefuls. I also got to record the graduation song which eventually everyone will have a copy of the CD. I hope I have that chance to record the CD…

I have met quite a lot of friends this year, and continue with the relationship of some “old “ friends.

Also, I have to control myself from using the computer too long… I don’t want to hook up with this addicting mechanism.

Christmas is like Jesus’ birthday, who was born in Bethlehem.  Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Before I sign off, I would like to wish everyone of us a merry Christmas once more!

God bless, peace out!