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America’s Next Top Model 13, episode 4 and 5

2 Oct

Two weeks have passed and I’ve watched two episodes of ANTM 13, the next petite model. Lulu and Bianca were voted out by the judges by  not presenting themselves as models through pictures. I, personally, am not a big fan of Lulu as she was talking behind people’s back, so I thought justice was made when she was eliminated. I was not a big fan of Bianca in the beginning but she later grew on me before she was eliminated.

Now, I’m going to list out my Top Six up till now:

1st-Erin Wagner

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

She looks tall in these pictures. Her frosted eyebrows and the determination in her eyes are very special. She has an icy persona which I hope can be melted so that the judges will not have a reason to eliminate her so fast. She is awkwardly beautiful and definitely is my most favourite girl in the cycle.

2nd-Jennifer An

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

She has ptosis, which cause her droopiness in her eyes but that does not stop her from modeling excellent pictures. She looks better when she is not looking at the camera. Her jawline is stunning but I wish she can drop her hands on the second picture. She was literally screaming in the second picture but it’s still nice. Go Yellow Fever!

3rd-Nicole Fox

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

I do not believe that she is 5 feet 7 as she looks like a giant on the first picture. She is very editorial as her poses are awkwardly beautiful and fashion forward. Her face is stunning and she is slowly bringing her personality to the table. She is the weirdo in the cycle but not anymore. She is opening up and definitely one of the prettiest girl in this cycle.

4th-Laura Kirkpatrick

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

The sweet southern girl with her thick southern accent is what makes her so approachable. Once she is in front of the camera, she turns it out like a model. Her attire made by her grandmother is surely cute but she needs to be a bit more professional in front of judges, Nevertheless, I think she is a stunning girl with big personality.

5th-Brittany Markert

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Brittany has an editorial face that is not necessarily fresh for the market but she can be photogenic in front of the camera. Last week she was in the bottom two but she turned out a good decent photograph this week, not necessarily my favourite. She has amazing facial features and I hope she can go far in the competition.

6th-Kara Vincent

 America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

She is a girl which masculinity meets femininity. She has man-like facial features but she photographs well, but her eyes are in the way. She needs to command her presence in her photoshoot. Her face is stunning and I hope she can be in the Final Six in this competition.


America’s Next Top Model 13, Episode 2

17 Sep

My blog is starting to turn like an America’s Next Top Model Fan blog already, but I still like it. At least, I can still use English to write my comments about the pictures. This week’s photo shoot contains a bit of nudity. The girls are to shoot nude on the upper part of their body only. I personally like the makeup on some of the girls, some just look draggish! Here is my call out order for this photo shoot:

Brittany Markert

 Brittany Horse image

To quote Mr Jay, the photo shoot director, Brittany’s poses are straight out from an Italian vogue magazine, and she does look very long. The dark hair has enhanced his sexuality and the makeup on her is F-A-B-O, fabulous!

Laura Kirkpatrick

 Laura Horse image

For this picture of Laura, I am not a big fan of the long shot because her face does not look nice. When they get to the close up, Laura’s face blows me away. This picture proves that she can be totally different from who she is, which is naive. The body is quite nice also…

Erin Wagner

 Erin Horse image

Erin’s look is the type of school girl look that I like. The makeup in this photo shoot brings her facial features to the picture. The lips are voluptuous, the eyes are piercing and the body is not bad too. I am not a fan of the displacement of the hands in this picture.

Nicole Fox

Nicole Horse   image

Foxy Lady does it again with this abnormal pose. She is wearing an undie, ok? The face is very special as it is not as evil beauty as the other girls did. She has a kind of sadness in her face in this picture who works for me. Again, I am not a big fan of the hands and body…

Jennifer An

Jennifer Horse  image

The makeup… is the perfect example of the suitable makeup for Chinese Asian women. The makeup is predictable… The body is slamming but what a shame, she has some kind of weakness in her eyes. That makes her eyes so uneven in the close up and looks a bit drunk and sleepy. I love her being so confident still even with her weakness.

Kara Vincent

 Kara Horse image

Kara, the girl with strong facial features, actually can handle such makeup, I’m impressed! Although she lack emotion in her face, the overall performance is still fairly good, at least it is better than the other girls…

Overall, I think that only 6 girls did well in this photo shoot. They may not have the height, but what they have inside is their passion and determination that I like.

Bianca, your ATTITUDE SUCKS!

That is it for this week. I will be back probably to give my comments on the photo shoot next week…

America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13

12 Sep

Another cycle of America’s Next Top Model premiered on national television last night, and I am super excited about the whole season. This time, Tyra Banks chose petite model wannabees at the height of 5’7 and shorter. Most of the girls are very talented and they definitely have model potential in them.

The premier episode has been aired and I would like to arrange my call-out order to the pictures if I was Tyra Banks. The theme of the photoshoot was to re-enact models’ baby photo in a more fashion way, shot by Baldomero Fernandez:

Kara Vincent

Although she is not the most stunning girl in the bunch, her photo is amazing. Her profile is strong as she has strong facial features that sometimes may photographed very harsh or perhaps manly. Anyways, her fashion photograph is the best for me.

Nicole Fox

The red-haired girl sure knows how to pose high-fashionly. Her baby photo is something you can see from the fashion magazine, except that her face is slightly dead. She needs to work on her personality as I find her quite weird. She creeps me out… Oh, my friend, Shaun, just couldn’t stop saying “J’adore Nicole” or “Elle est magnificent” or “Je’ l’aime”!

Rae Weisz

The platinum blonde proves that not all blondies are dumb. She had to work a pair of 8-inch high heel ballet shoes in her photo shoot and she nailed it from head to toe. Her face is very ethereal and great. Chanel Iman, the guest judge, said she will practice this pose. Rae is also a single mother, who will compete for his daughter. How sweet!

Jennifer An


Who says these models are below 5 feet 7? This yellow fever is back with Jennifer. Though not as spunky as Sheena, she delivered this picture from head to toe. Her jawline is also amazing in this picture and the fact that she took most of the frame is brilliant.

Erin Wagner


Another stunning platinum blonde that produced a gorgeous picture… Her bleached eyebrows are creeping me out in the picture but you can deny, this picture is FIERCE! Somehow I think that petite models may be more professional than the models of typical heights…

Courtney Davies

She is in a cheerleading squad, where she broke her ankle while performing a difficult stunt but continued to compete. Her photo may be one of the most high fashion pictures I ever seen but she may look a little boyish in person. I hope her leg can recover soon…

Laura Kirkpatrick

She is such a sweet southern country girl who knows how to model. I just wish she would arch her back a bit to create more shape to her body.  I love love love love her personality and her face.

Brittany Markert

Click to view full size image

She was my favorite girl but I was a little disappointed at her performance on set. she did look like a model for porn website and did not give any fashion twist to her baby picture. However, I still think that she is still stunning with that black hair. I hope she can go far in this competition.

The rest are all bland and I have nothing to say… Bianca, your attitude stinks!

The photoshoot for next week is nude on the horse. Looking forward for that! But then, it’s time for me to say BYE!

Australia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5

29 Aug

This cycle premiered in 2009 and Tahnee Atkinson was the winner of the competition with a charming smile and spunky personality. Though she won the competition, I always have my favourites in a competition and I will be listing them down:

1st – Adele Thiel

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

The fire-red beauty has stunning features that makes her stand out in the crowd. Though the judges complained about her one-note look or flat personality, I still think that she makes everything look “expensive”. She is definitely a gorgeous model which can go far in the modelling industry.

2nd – Clare Venema

Click to view full size image Click to view full size image

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Despite labeled as a “prissy princess”, she is very mature at the young age of 16. Can you believe that she is the same age as me? She also that stunning features that can really grab your attention at first sight. It is a shame that she was not in the final 2, but she is just gorgeous that is from the inside out.

3rd – Laura Mitchell

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Miss Mitchell is half British and half Chinese if I am not mistaken. And she looks the real person of Mulan…Though she did not make into the Top 6, she still has a nice personality and nice pictures throughout the competition.

4th – Cassi Van Den Dungen

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Click to view full size image

A frightened little 16-year old who said the F-word at the end of the first runway, has blossomed into a striking model with beautiful proportions. She has expressed her desire to quit the competition several times, but always bounced back with great performance in the photoshoot and has wowed the judges several times. She improved her runway walk at the end of the competition but was not able to win the competition.

5th – Tahnee Atkinson

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image

She does not have a typical body like other model, because she is slightly bigger than the others. She has a nice face but I find her to be very boring in photos because she always has the same expression… Her personality is approachable but she morphed into a plus-sized body during the finals. Her cuteness, I believe got herself the winner of the competition.

I believe that Australia’s Next top Model has produced beautiful models, and I wish them all the best in their journey.

America’s Next Top Model is back!

16 Mar

After Cycle 11 was shown on TV, Cycle 12 hit the street big, with its catch phrase. “Get In The Fold”. Personally, I don’t get the catch phrase this year but their idea of the promotional picture was not too bad. A couple of black girls showed up more this cycle, and this time I actually like some of the black girls, not forgetting some white gals too.

I have my favorites this year, and I hope one of them can win the title of America’s Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Number 5 in my chart is Allison Harvard from New Orleans. This quirky girl, who has a big fascination of nose bleeds quickly captured my mind, and she can take numerous beautiful pictures, like those two on top of this. She has the signature big eyes popping out from her head. I wish she can survive until overseas.

America's Next Top Model  America's Next Top Model

Celia Ammerman may not look very young to my liking, but at least she is editorial. She can produce a high fashion picture too. The bouncing blonde from Kentucky looks much younger in person, and I hope she can go far also in the competition. Good luck to her.

America's Next Top Model Click to view full size image

Teyona Anderson from New Jersey is my Top 3 throughout this cycle. She has a very special face, that is wind in the head. Her facial features go up towards her face and that really makes her special. She is the only black girl that I like in this competition and if Tyra Banks want to choose a black girl to win, this is her winner, I hope!

America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

London Levi, the street preacher in Texas, does not necessarily has a modelesque look in this modeling industry. Her hips are out of proportion, but she has a very nice personality which goes well with her pictures. She delivered two fantastic pictures two weeks in a row. Let us hope that she can spread God’s words into this industry.

America's Next Top Model

Natalie Pack from California is my Top 1 in this competition. She looks so modelesque and Tyra didn’t even have to change Natalie’s hairstyle because Tyra thinks that Natalie is a model from head to toe. She is very special in my eyes, and I really hope that she can at least make it far enough to overseas. She is so pretty, don’t you think?

Therefore, let the best woman win the show, and not let history repeat in Top Model History! Why is it that the runner-ups are actually better than the winners most of the time? *Sigh*

And The Winner Is …

20 Nov

I know it has been a long time since I updated my blog, so now I am back.

On 19th of November 2008, Tyra Banks announced the winner of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11. Brittany “McKey” Sullivan, aged 19 years old, won the reality show, hosted and produced by Tyra herself, and received her prize, which was a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and a contract for representation with Elite Model Management. She also received the cover and six-page editorial spread in an issue of Seventeen magazine.

Here are some picture from this gorgeous 19 year-old winner from Illinois.

In my opinion, this little boxing girl has one of the best portfolio ever in the history of America’s Next Top Model and she really has what it takes to become a supermodel. Here is wishing her all the best in her modeling career. Of course, my favourite contestant in this show is Analeigh Tipton from California, also 19 years old. She is sweet, cute, high-fashion and bitchless in the show.

Don’t you just love her face? She is stunning and gorgeous, despite her young age, she can really photograph well and I see her as the next CoverGirl and high-fashion model in this industry. Personally, I think Tyra should swap Analeigh’s place with Samantha because Analeigh has a better runway walk than Samantha.

Pictures of Samantha Potter from California also, (Wonder if she is related to the fictional character, Harry Potter?)

Samantha can take good pictures but she needs to work on her smile and her FASHION SENSE! Thank God she didn’t win the show but she can go far if she improves her fashion sense. Like they say, you have to breathe style if you want to survive in this industry.

Overall, Cycle 11 is one of the most successful cycles ever and has the best contestants of all cycles. Of course, the winner is one of my favourite and the runner-ups too! Gorgeous is the word, or shall I say, fierce!

Bravo, Tyra!