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Angels Without Wings

22 Feb

This song is originally written by my good friend, Chin Chern, titled “Angels Without Wings (Espionage)” and I immediately fell in love with his song. He is so kind to let me “use” his song, and I made it into my own version.

I remained the melody of the verse, but then I changed the chorus. This song tells people that when you think you feel lonely, there is always an angel without wings that is by your side. You are not alone… do you have an angel beside you? Well, I know I do! 🙂



21 Feb

This is my second song played on the piano. I actually compile all my written song into albums, but of course it’s not going to be released like the real ones in the market. I don’t play the songs with any scores, I just have the melody in my mind, so the more i practice, the more I’m familiar with my own song.

I composed this song when I was hurt by one of my friends. You know, I trusted him as my good friend, but the favour I got in return was very disappointing. Grow an extra eye to help judge what kind of friends you are hanging out with.

Hope you guys enjoy this song. 🙂


21 Feb

Occasionally when a melody struck in my mind, I will probably hum it out and write the lyrics. I never played my songs on the piano, until my good friend, Chin Chern, inspired me to play the melody on the piano. He writes soothing music that I really like a lot.

This song, CrossRoads, is written because I feel that being a teenger, we are bound to meet up with crossroads that we need to decide. Just like the poem “The Road Not Taken”, we need to choose only one of the many roads, and we must choose that road wisely, as it will determine your future. This song is purely my composition, so I hope you guys like the song. The chords are very simple, it revolves around the F major key.

Enjoy, people!