2012 Review

21 Nov

I went to watch the movie 2012 with 17 friends of mine after school. At first, I thought it was another show using the 3D effects to exaggerate the story line of whatsoever. After listening to many great review from my friends, I decided to watch the movie, and it turned out to be phenomenal, and probably one of the best movies I watched this year.

John Cusack is the main male role in the movie. He is typically the “hero” in the film, where he have to save his family from collapsing into the abyss of death. I think he really emphasizes the role of fatherhood well in the movie. His sacrifice he made for his family was worth when he reconciled with his wife at the end of the movie.

Amanda Peet is the mother of the two children in the movie. The show exposes us to the separated relationship and how one live without each other. She separated because she thinks that her husband does not care about her and their children, so she had another relationship with another man. I like her character when she does everything to protect her children, like coaxing the Tibetan to take her children to the spaceship.

Beatrice Rosen, the Russian girl who played Tamara in the film. One of the funniest scene in the film was her pointing her middle finger to the big, fat bad guy. The people in the cinema cheered when she showed the finger. I was really sad when she died to protect Lily in the movie. She did so much to survive and died at the last moment. Life is unfair, huh?

Zlatko Buric who play the multi-millionaire in the movie was the funniest character in the movie, though selfish, he has a sense of humour. “Shut up, everyone!” “Engine Start!” Now that is a very cool line in the movie that made us all laughed in the cinema. Now I know that Bentley cars has these kind of device. In the end, he fell to his death just by taking his sons in time in the spaceship.

Johann Urb who played the Russian pilot, Sasha in the movie, was one of my favourite character in the movie. I did not want him to DIE! Damn, he died just to save the remaining crew to safety when he landed his “baby” on mainland China, now snowing. Life is so freaking unfair!

Danny Glover and Thandie Newton play father-daughter in the movie. Danny also plays the President of United States, who made a huge sacrifice to save the lives of thousand. In the end, he died after a cruise from Japan hit United States. It’s funny how a ship from Japan can travel so far to United States and hit people. It’s devastating to see how lives can be killed like that. I love Thandie Newton, she’s so pretty…

They say that with the help of technology, all things can be solved. I think technology really came in handy to estimate the waves, the Earth and the creation of the huge spaceship in China. However, the Ancient Mayans had already estimated that the world will end in 2012 decades and centuries ago with no help of technology. It’s crazy to know that your live will end in a few minutes. What will you do if you were in the movie? Do you think that the World will really collapse in 21 December 2012?

I think that God has seen so many evil in man, that he decides to re-enact the scene from Noah’s Ark to wipe off all humankind and leave the good safe. Nature has its takes to control the world too, with the help of God. It’s quite funny that people from around the World, praying to God at the last moment of their lives, hoping that God will not perish them… They die earlier than the ones who ran first.

This show is worth it. I really really like the effects made by the team that visualizes how the World would really look like if the World collapses. In the end, the Africa continent was the only continent that raised after the so called apocalypse. The ships were headed to the Cape of Good Hope, discovered by Vasco de Gama.

My rating : 8.5 / 10.

I will be updating my last day in school in my next post. Till then, peace out and God bless!


3 Responses to “2012 Review”

  1. desmond- November 22, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    Hmm- I haven’t seen it..

    i think this show can be a warning for us that our end is near.. Whether the world or our lives..

    So we need to prepare.. it might be tommorrow! xp

    What a blessing to know that we have grace from God, and we are saved; we need not fear the end of our lives.

    PS: you are committed in updating! Keep it up!

    God bless; pray always~

  2. M November 28, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    it was not a spaceship. spaceships can’t float

    • E December 8, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

      They called it a spaceship in the movie so why be so bitter

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